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Yamaha microphone control in the NEXUS system

Berlin, August 2018: By popular demand, users of Yamaha mixing consoles can now access STAGETEC's NEXUS system via IP in conjunction with the Dante interface. Yamaha consoles can be used to control NEXUS microphone inputs and use the NEXUS converters. NEXUS offers excellent AD/DA conversion technology with the TrueMatch® microphone converter at 32-bit internal resolution and 158 dB (A) dynamic range, eliminating the need for microphone preamps.

Yamaha has expanded Dante device support with the latest update to the CL/QL mixer series. Yamaha consoles can now be used via IP in NEXUS routing systems from STAGETEC to control the input parameters of TrueMatch® microphone inputs (phantom power, LowCut, and gain). For interaction, NEXUS requires the Dante audio-over-IP interface XDIP and the control board XACI. A Dante board provides up to 64 channels. Up to four Dante boards can be used for a mixing console. The IP-based version replaces the serial modification (via MADI and NEXUS XCI).

The license for NEXUS remote control by Yamaha mixing consoles must be purchased from STAGETEC for a fee.


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