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Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the passing on of fire. 
Gustav Mahler

Since 1993, we have been developing and manufacturing digital audio mixing consoles and audio distribution systems of the highest quality. Our products are used in demanding installations worldwide. These include radio and television stations, theaters and opera houses, government and other, public buildings. 

Today, STAGETEC delivers efficient and reliable signal management solutions for audio, video, IP, interfaces as well as mixing console systems, with which content can be produced and distributed easily, quickly and reliably today - and all this "Made in Germany & Switzerland". Currently we employ about 50 people at our location in Berlin-Köpenick and about 20 people at our location in Bamberg.


We consciously take calculable risks and face the economic and technical challenges of the future. We accept uncertainty as our companion and see ourselves as pioneers, as avant-garde. We move forward in order to repeatedly initiate new, groundbreaking developments that will endure in the long term. In this way, we constantly master the path of change together with our customers and partners.


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We relate to each other internally and externally and understand ourselves as an organism, a bio-system of many interconnected and communicating cells. We share closeness, information and connection on a human, emotional level. We also map this on a technical level in IP signal management for a wide range of components and manufacturers in a common IP Eco system.


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We communicate as partners at eye level and listen attentively and without bias. This leads to a change of perspective and understanding of the other person's position, and we receive valuable information that we incorporate into our daily actions. Trust is the hardest currency and the basis for success is trust in oneself. Trust, which is shown to us by others, spurs us on to peak performance.


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We know our origins and explore the opportunities of the future with curiosity and confidence. Our mission is to replace the highly complex with the simple. We set course for efficient and reliable IP signal management solutions for audio & video, interfaces and mixing console systems, which are characterized by highest quality, exceptional reliability and simplest operation - and that "Made in Germany & Switzerland".


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We set ourselves clear goals and pursue our course with consistency, inner strength and continuity. We always keep the big picture in mind and react flexibly to specific requirements. We act as part of a bio-system in which everyone contributes according to their function and ability to make our vision a reality. As an agile organization, we learn and grow together and thus master the challenges of the future.


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We live sustainability and are committed to respecting the consumption of recourses for future generations. Our products are characterized by particularly low energy consumption. We are known for the extraordinary durability of our products and thus create investment security for the future and long-term customer loyalty.

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