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Managing Directors Wolfgang Salzbrenner (CEO) and Thomas Gmeiner (CTO)


Vision and Mission

Media consumption habits are changing rapidly - we are convinced that the rapidly changing user habits must also be met directly in terms of technology.

In the transition from the analog to the digital age, STAGETEC became the pioneer for audio signal distribution and processing of the highest quality within a single system for the broadcast and theater world. Today, we are rising to the challenge of making IP signal management for audio and video available to everyone: for every type of event, for every type of transmission, and for the most diverse components and manufacturers in a common IP Eco system. 


STAGETEC delivers individual IP signal management solutions for audio & video, interfaces as well as mixing console systems, which are ready for use within a very short time with almost no configuration effort and are characterized by reliability, the simplest operation, high operational safety and thus reduction of operating costs - and that "Made in Germany & Switzerland".

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