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On AIR flex – The concept

ON AIR flex is STAGETEC's smallest mixing desk and positions itself as an adaptable broadcast mixer with limitless degrees of freedom in configurability. Especially the ease of use and short training time make the ON AIR flex the perfect system in the broadcast studio, where regular staff without pronounced mixer experience sits at the controls.

On AIR flex – Operation

The structure of the ON AIR flex is extremely flexible and scalable. Two different types of hardware cassettes and a virtual user interface are available that are networked via IP.

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Technical data
On AIR flex -Media
On AIR flex - Downloads

The concept

ON AIR flex is completely IP-based and can be controlled via a virtual user interface via PC or tablet. This allows the components to be placed spatially separated, even over very long distances. Both the operation and support of the system can be remotely via network. The wiring effort is thus reduced to a minimum. ON AIR flex is fully integrated with NEXUS and has access to all resources available on the network. The protocol EmBer + is supported as external interface.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive to operate, shallow learning curve

  • Designed for the broadcast environment

  • IP-based modular system architecture

  • System limited only by infrastructure

  • Virtual user interface: configurable, browser-based, independent of operating systems and devices

  • Audio processing integrated into NEXUS, providing access to all resources

  • Extensive range of I/O formats via the NEXUS router

  • NEXUS audio boards hot swap

  • Access to router with user rights management via the NEXUS configuration software

  • Multiple audio processors can be cascaded

  • Adaptable to application requirements

  • All control and display elements in the fader and monitor panels user definable

  • Silent operation, no hard disks or fans required

  • Projects, snapshot automation and audio module library are editable and available at the press of a button

  • Hardware user interface extended by a virtual surface

  • Configurable GPI user interface: fader start, backstop PFL and GPO, user definable buttons

  • Monitor and talkback circuits for production and studios

  • Split monitoring and talkback functions

  • Supports full 5.1 and stereo with integrated downmix

  • Remote monitoring and maintenance via LAN

Operating philosophy

The system has a modular structure and can only consist of a fader cassette plus audio processor, but can also be composed of several OFAD cassettes, OMON cassettes and screen-based operation. The OFAD fader cassette consists of four channel strips each with 10 buttons, a double rotary encoder and an OLED display. The OMON monitor cassette offers two small color TFTs, two double rotary encoders and various multi-color buttons. All controls and indicators in the fader and monitor cassettes can be assigned custom functions. Both types of cassettes can be easily integrated into any studio furniture thanks to the light metal frame construction.

The virtual user interface uses modern web technologies such as Javascript and Webkit. A specially developed web server establishes the connection between the screen user interface and the control logic of the mixer. The so- called RUI interface as well as the control logic of the console are freely configurable. It can be viewed on any web-enabled device that has a current web browser and does not require an app installation. It is available for Windows, OS-X as well as the mobile platforms Android, iOS, Windows Phone. A separate configuration language allows the customer to carry out the configuration himself. With ON AIR flex, the user gains a flexibility that allows him to retrospectively customize his interfaces and operating concepts without the need for time-consuming updates.

ON AIR flex at a glance
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ON AIR Flex - Downloads

Download PDF • 1.33MB

ON AIR Flex - Downloads