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AoIP AD/DA converter
NEXUS compact - TrueMatch

NEXUS compact - TrueMatch (NXC-T) from STAGETEC offers the same state-of-the-art audio quality and outstanding reliability as the traditional NEXUS system. The compact chassis converts baseband and analog signals to IP audio standards such as AES67, Dante, RAVENNA, or ST 2110-30/31. The NXC-T is based on open standards and protocols. It also has fixed IO configurations to be cost-effective and is operated via a web browser-based user interface.


NEXUS compact - TrueMatch – The concept:

The patented TrueMatch technology provides uncompromising audio quality. It features minimal transducer errors, low distortion, and improved aliasing suppression, while achieving an otherwise unattainable dynamic range of 158 dB. The special four-stage operation of TrueMatch converters eliminates the need for analog preamplification. Analog overload or component noise is thus eliminated.

NEXUS compact - TrueMatch supports established, publicly available standards/protocols such as:

  • EmBER+

  • NMOS IS-04/05

  • SMPTE:2110-30

  • SMPTE:2110-31

  • SMPTE:2022-7

The decoupled NEXUS I/O board technologies and the circuit designs already used in the NEXUS system guarantee consistently high operational reliability and quality. The compact size and use of an IP infrastructure provide maximum flexibility.

NEXUS compact - TrueMatch is optionally available as an AES67 device for integration into an SMPTE:2110 and NMOS environment, or it can be equipped with a Dante interface and connected with the Audinate Dante ecosystem.

NEXUS compact - TrueMatch – Features:

  • 8 x TrueMatch Mic in 4 splits each

  • 4 x AES3 stereo in

  • 4 x AES3 stereo out

  • 8 x Analog out

  • Stereo headphone

  • 64 x Dante / AES67 I/Os, (option based on module confi- guration)

  • 6 x GPI / 5 x GPO, GPIs in pairs also usable as encoders

  • 64 x AES67 / Dante I/Os (option)

Basic DSP product functionality is planned the future (MixMatrix, In/Out-Channel: Exp/EQ/Comp/Lim/Delay)

NEXUS compact - TrueMatch – Application areas:

  • Reference converter for recording studios and recording with highest sonic demands, both for input signals (microphones/line) and for monitoring

  • Connecting camera-mounted microphones with simultaneous operation of monitor/comm/tally

  • Small stageboxes for rehearsal stages, foyer sound reinforcement, backstage

  • Small workstations deployment with local low latency monitor mixing*.

  • On-site mixing for small remote productions with connection to local audio sources*

* After expansion with planned DSP functionality

NEXUS compact - TrueMatch - Technical data:
Microphone inputs
Analog outputs

NEXUS compact - Downloads:

Download PDF • 1.72MB

Download PDF • 491KB

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