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NEXUS compact – Release V2.0

The release V2.0 of NEXUS compact adds more functionality to the already flexible audio frontend. Through a simple firmware update, the existing NEXUS compact units gets added the following :

Audio processing

• 120 x 16 Mix Matrix

• 16 x Input processing (Delay, Exp, EQ, Comp)

• 16 x Output processing (Delay, EQ, Comp, Lim)

Explained in more details :

• 16 Mix busses have been added

• All inputs can mix to these busses

• In addition, 16 input processing channels have been added; they can also mix to the busses

• Any of the inputs can directly be assigned to these 16 input processing channels

• The 16 input processing channels are equipped with Delay, Exp, EQ, Comp

• The 16 busses have output processing channels which are equipped with EQ, Comp, Lim, Delay

• The output processing channels can be assigned to outputs – in the same way that inputs can directly be assigned to outputs.

STAGETEC-grade processing :


• AVATUS Compressors were modern wet/dry, knee and soft-clip parameters have been added

• Delays have a max delay time of 4 seconds

New WebGUI

A new version of the browser based UI provides now controls for the new functionality – in the look-and-feel of the AVATUS RUI. Including snapshot automation and copy and paste for processing blocks. A XY routing matrix has been added for more intuitive signal routing.


All the new parameters are also integrated into the Ember+ interface. Via Ember+ protocol, third party control systems and hardware controllers can access the newly added functionality.

Integration into Stagenet

In addition to the signal routing, mic parameter control can now be done from the Stagenet UI.

Yamaha Mic control

The NEXUS compact (Dante version) can now be controlled from a Yamaha CL/QL console. The same licensing system applies as with Yamaha mic control for NEXUS.


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