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China’s most watched TV-Show: 2024 CCTV Loong Year Spring Festival Gala was a Global Celebration of Chinese Grandeur – and Technological Innovations Reach New Heights

On Luna New Year’s Eve 2024, the Loong Year Spring Festival Gala hosted by China Central Radio and Television was delivered as promised, becoming the first viewing choice for global Chinese audiences with its massive production scale, stunning audio-visual effects, and deep Chinese cultural essence. It enabled Chinese communities around the world to share the joy of the festival and the allure of Chinese culture.

The global impact of the Loong Year Spring Festival Gala was once again underscored by impressive data: The Gala was broadcast live globally through multiple TV channels, radio frequencies, and new media platforms under China Central Radio and Television, and also through 1,075 landmark screens in 112 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Changsha, and Xi'an with 8K and 3D sound live broadcasts. In addition, it was broadcast and covered by over 2,100 media outlets across 200 countries and regions worldwide. The total media reach was an astonishing 14.2 billion, with new media live viewership reaching 795 million people, and live broadcast views hitting 1.689 billion. Furthermore, the demand for Gala related video playback reached 4.363 billion times, and social media discussions soared to 267.77 billion, setting new records.

A noteworthy highlight were this year’s significant technological breakthroughs at the Spring Festival Gala. The audio system at the main venue underwent a comprehensive upgrade, continuing with the STAGETEC products for its audio network and mixing consoles, equipped with 9 NEXUS Star, 16 NEXUS base devices, four 56-fader AURUS mixing consoles, one 40-fader AURUS mixing console, one 48-fader AVATUS mixing console, and two 24-fader AVATUS mixing consoles. This system incorporates cutting-edge technologies such as ST2110, 3D sound, and remote production, significantly boosting the system's production capacity and safety, and providing a more advanced technical implementation for large-scale programs like the Spring Festival Gala. STAGETEC's high-end products played a pivotal role in the audio production of the Gala, ensuring clear and vivid sound quality, and presenting a feast of technology and art to the global audience.

With China Central Radio and Television's ongoing commitment to technological and content innovation, the Spring Festival Gala has become a vital platform for showcasing Chinese cultural confidence and promoting cultural exchange. The successful hosting of the 2024 Gala not only provided a memorable festive evening for the global audience but also affirmed the superior performance and reliability of STAGETEC products, earning the trust of professional clients all over the world.


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