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Expanding Boundaries: STAGETEC Presents Media-Solutions at IBC 2023

Amsterdam, September 2023

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2023 in Amsterdam, STAGETEC stood out with a booth brimming with technological marvels. From seamless integration with Stagenet to the advanced capabilities of AVATUS and NEXUS, STAGETEC showcased the future of audio and broadcast technology.

At the heart of the experience was the presentation of Stagenet, a powerful software solution seamlessly connecting all audio and video connections. This breakthrough in integration exemplified STAGETEC's commitment to holistic and efficient media solutions.

AVATUS, with its intuitive user interface and cutting-edge features, captured the attention of industry experts seeking the latest advancements in audio mixing technology. The V1.20 software update introduces a new OS, enhancing speed and responsiveness, and brings long-awaited additions such as DAW-Control via HUI/MACKIE protocol, RDP-Client on the interface to control external devices, and a web-browser to access essential pages for AES67-Streams and internet browsing. The release also includes several GUI-Improvements, such as channel-color-coding and real-time channel search throughout all menus, load library-presets through ember+, I/O black- & whitelists and many more.

Visitors immersed themselves in hands-on demonstrations, experiencing firsthand the precision and flexibility that AVATUS brings to audio production.

Meanwhile, NEXUS, known for its adaptability and scalability, demonstrated its expertise in managing complex audio infrastructures. Participants gained valuable insights into how NEXUS can optimize workflows and improve resource allocations in diverse broadcast environments.

Throughout the event, the STAGETEC team engaged in informative conversations with visitors, providing deep insights into the boundless possibilities of these pioneering technologies. From tailored solutions to industry-specific applications, STAGETEC showcased its ability to meet the individual needs of a diverse clientele.

The daily happy hour, featuring Franconian beer, provided a relaxed atmosphere for participants to further explore the potential of STAGETEC's offerings.

STAGETEC's presence at IBC 2023 left a lasting impression on the event and set a new standard for technological innovations in the audio and broadcast industry. The seamless integration of software and hardware solutions showcased the future of audio production and solidified STAGETEC's position as a trailblazer in the industry.


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