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ON AIR flex mixes at Radio Pilatus

Radio Pilatus: Congratulations on the launch at the new studios in Lucerne. On Ocotber 13, 2015 the green light is given for three new workplaces at the new radio studio which is equipped with STAGETEC audio consoles. Three ON AIR flex mix the broadcasting sound of the Central Switzerland private radio station which belongs to the NZZ media group. auris haymoz & reinhard gmbh as well as Micromedia AG of Switzerland are responsible for this project.

auris haymoz & reinhard gmbh and Micromedia AG, both of Switzerland, are jointly responsible for this project. auris haymoz & reinhard gmbh designs, installs and maintains production and broadcasting infrastructure for radio studios in the private and public broadcasting sector, while, Micromedia AG develops professional broadcasting software for digitally produced radio and television.

The production line ON AIR flex of STAGETEC fits perfectly into the radio studio. The new broadcasting studio has three workplaces each of which is equipped with a console. For the manifold tasks of a moderator the ON AIR flex at his workplace is comfortably equipped with 16 faders which are divided into two times eight faders. Thanks to the optimal integration into the studio control system, a minimal installation with only four faders per workplace for the co-moderators as well as for the news is sufficient. After installations at ABC in Sydney, Canberra and Hobart as well as at Hessischer Rundfunk in Frankfurt, Radio Pilatus in Luzern relies on ON AIR flex as the third broadcaster.


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