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World premiere at IBC: 3D audio mixing in AURUS platinum

Berlin, September 2018: STAGETEC presented the new multichannel format 5.1.4 with the Z-plane in AURUS platinum as a world premiere at IBC. 3D audio is becoming increasingly important in professional audio. Not only in music and TV productions or in cinemas, but also at live events and in theaters, 3D audio with three-dimensional sound experiences provides more emotions for consumers. AURUS, STAGETEC's flagship product, has been offering true multi-channel format capability for parallel mixes in 5.1 and stereo or mixes up to 7.1 for many years. After software release 4.7, the new multichannel format 5.1.4 is available in AURUS platinum and 3D audio can be mixed with four height speakers.

For the new feature, the panpot in the channel control and the joystick in the central control in AURUS platinum received Z parameters. In the operation, the user can choose between X-Y and Z-Y. Project configuration has been extended and 10-channel monitoring has been integrated for monitoring.

AURUS was launched in 2003 and is currently in its fourth product generation. From comprehensive control functions and intelligent audio processing functions for particularly efficient operation to the integration of third-party products - in numerous software releases, ever new functions have been implemented in AURUS to meet the ever-increasing demands of broadcast, theater, recording, and live applications.

The software release 4.7 will be available in autumn.


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