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State-of-the-Art Studios Enhance Broadcasting Capabilities in Ljubljana, Slovenia

RTV Slovenia unveils Studio 26 and Studio 13, revolutionizing audio production and broadcasting

Ljubljana, Slovenia - In a significant milestone for RTV Slovenia, Studio 26, and Studio 13 have commenced operations, marking a new era in audio production and broadcasting. The completion of Studio 26 in 2021 was followed by the recent launch of Studio 13 in 2023, both equipped with cutting-edge AURUS consoles featuring extensive NEXUS routers and DAW control for Pro Tools. These state-of-the-art facilities offer unparalleled audio processing and quality, elevating the broadcasting experience for both professionals and audiences alike.

Studio 26, boasting an impressive 48-fader AURUS console, provides a vast recording space that caters to classical orchestras, big band ensembles, and smaller musical formations. The studio's versatility allows for seamless integration of live performances into various shows, with recordings captured using Pro Tools and later mixed for broadcast. The dynamic automation and DAW control capabilities ensure precise and efficient recording sessions, enhancing the overall production value.

Meanwhile, Studio 13, featuring a 32-fader AURUS console, offers an equally generous recording area, providing artists with direct participation in broadcasting shows. Similar to Studio 26, the Pro Tools system, coupled with AURUS and DAW control, enables flawless recording processes. Additionally, Studio 13 serves as a platform for talk shows and other entertaining formats, further diversifying the content produced by RTV Slovenia.

To facilitate seamless collaboration between the two studios, a high-speed fiber optic connection has been established, simplifying the exchange and transfer of audio data between control rooms. This technological integration streamlines workflow efficiency, ensuring a smooth transition between Studio 26 and Studio 13. Moreover, this connectivity enables both studios to participate simultaneously in radio broadcasts, providing enhanced flexibility and interactivity for live shows.

The addition of Studio 26 and Studio 13 to RTV Slovenia's broadcasting infrastructure represents a significant investment in audio production technology. By incorporating top-of-the-line equipment and advanced features, these studios position RTV Slovenia as a leading force in the industry, ready to deliver exceptional content and captivating performances to audiences around the world.

With the launch of Studio 26 and Studio 13, RTV Slovenia reinforces its commitment to innovation and excellence in broadcasting, solidifying its position as a premier media organization in Slovenia and beyond.

© Aljaz Jelen & Alexander Nemes


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