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STAGETEC wins patent dispute over use of audio plug-ins

Berlin, July 2017: STAGETEC, the Berlin-based manufacturer of digital audio technology, has won a multi-year patent dispute against the patent "Apparatus and method for using audio plug-ins in a mixing console". This was decided by the 20th Senate of the Federal Patent Court in early July. The patent had been applied for by Lawo AG in 2007. In the course of the proceedings, several international manufacturers of audio mixing consoles suspected that already known knowledge was to be protected.

knowledge was to be placed under protection. STAGETEC was the only company to consistently pursue the proceedings and did not shy away from going to the Federal Patent Court.

In the legal proceedings it could be argued that already CANTUS, STAGETEC's first mixing console from 1994, was based on software modules which were pulled into the audio channel of a mixing console with the help of a control graphic. The required parameters of the respective software modules are then automatically generated. In the audio channel, these parameters can then be displayed and operated, but also saved and reloaded.


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