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STAGETEC welcomes sales partnership in China

Beijing, China, August 2019: STAGETEC, the Berlin-based manufacturer of professional audio technology, has been working very successfully with its Chinese distribution partner Stagetec Media Technology for years. As there is a growing market for STAGETEC's products in China, the distributor decided to enter into a partnership. "With ACE, we have found a strong partner who is well networked throughout China. ACE brings a lot of experience, has implemented countless projects and represents well-known international manufacturers on the Chinese market," explains Zeng Dong, Managing Director of Stagetec Media Technology. "In addition, ACE's activities in the broadcasting sector complement our commitment in the theater sector very well. STAGETEC will benefit from this partnership."

ACE (Advanced Communication Equipment [International] Company Ltd.) was founded in 1982 in Hong Kong as an engineering company and has been providing audio, video and lighting services ever since. ACE's project portfolio includes broadcasters, broadcast, theaters, live shows, as well as sports stadiums, multi-function centers, convention and event halls. Another argument for the partnership was that ACE is not only present in all major cities in China, but that besides the entire Chinese market, especially the markets in Hong Kong and Macau are served.


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