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STAGETEC's AURUS platinum with new audio processing features at prolight+sound

prolight+sound, Frankfurt, March 2017: STAGETEC, the Berlin-based manufacturer of professional audio technology, will present several new features in the audio processing of AURUS platinum at prolight+sound (booth 3.1/G83). The new functions will all be included in software release 4.3.

In AURUS platinum, an automixer based on the gain sharing method will then be available. This automixer from STAGETEC is fully integrated in the console design and can be used in all input channels. All previously included processing functions can still be used without restriction. Four separate groups are available in the STAGETEC automixer for a better overview and more variations.

Another new highlight is available in the scene automation of AURUS platinum: Blend curves and times can now be set completely individually for each channel. This function is one of the most important applications when changing scenes and is in high demand, especially in theaters. With this release, this function can also be used in AURUS.

At the Tonmeistertagung, STAGETEC announced that the Loudness Metering function according to EBU R 128 is available in the AURUS platinum sums. Now, Loudness Metering is also available in the group channels. Unrivaled is the fact that no channel capacity is lost when using the loudness function, and users do not have to do without modules in the channels.

Visit STAGETEC at prolight+sound: Booth 3.1/G83!


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