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STAGETEC goes IP @ prolight+sound

Frankfurt, April 2019: Berlin-based manufacturer STAGETEC presented IP-based products and applications for theater, live and broadcast at prolight+sound in Frankfurt (8.0H61).

IP-based mixing console AVATUS

A highlight at STAGETEC's booth in Frankfurt was AVATUS with many new features. The completely IP-based console features a completely new and intuitive operating concept. A clearly structured user interface makes the console much easier to operate without sacrificing functionality. AVATUS relies on color coding for control elements such as rotary encoders and faders, as well as user guidance without deep hierarchies. Two 21" FHD multi-touch screens per fader module provide the display of the flexible user interface; a rigid central unit is no longer necessary. For the official market launch in June, AVATUS will be available in sizes between 12 and 96 faders and in various hardware versions. Removable PoE-powered metering screens underline the modularity of the AVATUS system and enable optimal adaptation to any conceivable application.

AURUS platinum with Waves integration

STAGETEC presented its flagship product in Frankfurt: the AURUS platinum audio mixing console in the fourth AURUS generation with a brand-new feature - Waves integration. The extensive possibilities of the well-known plug-in system can be used in all AURUS systems starting with software release 4.8. The Waves plug-in can then be directly connected to the AURUS scene automation.

AURUS platinum can be implemented in IP networks thanks to AES67/Ravenna connectivity and Dante interfaces from NEXUS.

NEXUS audio network and router

NEXUS, STAGETEC's audio network, offers interfaces to all standards and, with the latest RIF67 and XFIP boards, also covers the latest IP formats. These NEXUS components were also presented in Frankfurt.

In March, a test event of the "Joint Task Force on Networked Media" (JT-NM) was held in Houston, Texas, in which STAGETEC participated with the XFIP/RIF67 product. JT-NM promotes the development of interoperable IP technologies for professional media through standardized test procedures. The sponsors of JT-NM are the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and the Video Services Forum (VSF). For STAGETEC, the participation of the XFIP/RIF67 product in the ST2110-30 and ST2022-7 test procedures was a complete success. At NAB, STAGETEC will receive the "JT-NM Tested" label at the beginning of April.

NEXUS offers two interfaces for AoIP connections: RIF67 for 6-HE systems and XFIP for 3-HE systems. Both boards are based on DirectOut's AES67.IO module and support the AES67/Ravenna protocol. They also comply with the ST 2110-30 and 2022-7 standards, which support interoperability in audio networks.

On the control side, NEXUS offers an in-house system as well as an Ember+ gateway via the NEXUS XACI board.

The NEXUS board XDIP for Dante AoIP networks has already been available since 2012. In Frankfurt, a new firmware for the XDIP was introduced, which enables connection of Yamaha CL/QI series consoles to NEXUS via the RIO protocol.

The compact broadcast mixing console ON AIR flex

STAGETEC also showed its smallest mixing console in Frankfurt, the fully IP-based ON AIR flex. The adaptable, freely configurable and easy-to-use console is perfect for broadcast applications. ON AIR flex is fully integrated into the NEXUS audio network and can be combined with all I/O formats. The console is available in modular sizes from one to six cassettes and features a web-based remote user interface.

The CRESCENDO-T Theater Console

Visitors to prolight+sound were also able to experience the benefits of CRESCENDO-T, a compact console with special features for theater applications. The static automation has been extended by several functions and now CRESCENDO-T offers the same range of functions as AURUS. Also important for theaters is the timecode trigger in scene automation, which can be used to recall scene events.

The equalizer in CRESCENDO-T has been extended to eight bands - 4x peak and one each of high-pass filter, low-pass filter, high-shelving filter and low-shelving filter.

Starting with software release 4.8, all CRESCENDO units offer Waves integration. Users can then connect the Waves plugin directly to the scene automation.


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