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STAGETEC delivers 6 AURUS platinum to RAI in Italy

Rome, Italy, January 2019: Berlin-based manufacturer STAGETEC has provided six AURUS platinum consoles to Radiotelevisione Italiana (RAI), Italy's public broadcaster. Two of the six consoles are equipped with 48 faders, the other four with 40 faders. The delivery was completed with one NEXUS router and one NEXUS Base Device per console. The routers are each equipped with five RMDQ audio DSP units.

The delivery is part of the framework agreement that RAI had concluded with STAGETEC in September 2016. With the current delivery, 24 consoles AURUS platinum and NEXUS networks have since been delivered to Italy. As part of a comprehensive refurbishment, STAGETEC's technology will be installed in all of RAI's TV studios and OB vans as well as 21 production centers nationwide, and will be used primarily for major shows, studio events and sports broadcasts.

"Over the years, RAI has repeatedly been able to convince itself of the reliability, sustainability and trouble-free handling of the STAGETEC systems. The regular upgrades that keep the consoles technologically up to date are another argument in favor of STAGETEC. The sale of almost 100 consoles to RAI is proof of this," Claudio Masci, Managing Director of the Italian sales partner PR.IN.CO. is convinced.

The partnership between the Italian broadcaster and the Berlin-based manufacturer dates back to 1995, when the first console from Berlin - a CANTUS - was installed in a radio drama studio in Rome. Some CANTUS consoles are still running at RAI today.


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