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STAGETEC Certified NEXUS Training

Berlin, May 2017: STAGETEC offers a Certified NEXUS Training at Fachwerk in cooperation with Fachwerk. NEXUS is the basis for networking, switching and processing audio, control and additional data in many installations worldwide. Its versatility can be seen in numerous applications: from use as a studio router or control room router to complete networking of radio houses. Even in smaller systems as a compact, transportable transmission system with high-quality stage boxes, and in medium-sized installations in OB vans or for sound reinforcement, NEXUS shines with its extremely short latency, reliability, and versatility.

The basic idea of NEXUS: A NEXUS network is composed of individual Base Devices. These are installed exactly where audio, control, or other signals are to be fed into or played out of the network. The connection between the Base Devices is always digital and potential-free via fiber-optic cable. Each Base Device is an autonomous local router. Thus, a NEXUS network has decentralized intelligence including decentralized control information and crosspoint information.

Main content:

- Decentralized distributed router concept.

- Function of basic technological elements: Base Devices (TDM), Star Router (HW Matrix).

- Power supply, redundancy, data preservation

- Fiber optic networking: characteristics; topologies, redundancy

- Synchronization, word clock management

- Interface cards: hot-swap properties

- Analog interfaces

- Digital interfaces (AES, Madi, Dante, ...)

- Other interfaces (SDI; transparent data stream transmission ...)

- Integrated processing (XDSP)

- Control boards, GPIOs

- Latency

- Components of the graphical user interface

- GUI connection and operation (Hands-On: bring Windows-PC)

- Basic concept of internal logic programming

- Configuration handling

The Certified NEXUS training is conducted by Jens Kuhlmann. He started working for STAGETEC in 1996 as a graduate engineer and performed commissioning, training and support with STAGETEC components. In the more than 20 years that Jens Kuhlmann has been employed at STAGETEC, he has gained a wealth of experience in broadcast and theater applications, their problems and solutions.

The training takes place on 16.05. from 10.00-17.00 o'clock with Fachwerk. It costs 245,- Euro plus VAT.

Please register by e-mail to Please include the names and e-mail addresses of all participants as well as an invoice address.

Announcement at Fachwerk


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