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STAGETEC Central to Operations at New Rose Lane Studio

Carpinteria, CA, USA, August 2015 New to California’s scenic central coast is Rose Lane Studio, a multifaceted business encompassing a full service recording studio, a record company, editing suites, a sound stage with a two corner cyclorama for TV, film, and video projects, as well as a location company. Rose Lane Studio is truly a ‘one-stop-shop’ for audio and audiovisual production services—and central to operations at this new enterprise is an AURUS digital console and a NEXUS STAR router from STAGETEC in Berlin. Sjoerd ‘Sjoko’ Koppert not only serves as Rose Lane Studio’s producer and engineer, he is also the president and CEO of the company. As an enthusiastic user of STAGETEC equipment for more than a decade, Koppert had no reservations when it came time to outfit his new facility. He discussed his fondness for STAGETEC equipment and how he envisions the opportunities for his new business. “Enormous changes have taken place in entertainment and entertainment production over the last decades,” Koppert says, “and traditional entertainment business models are no longer valid. The best way to look at Rose Lane Studio is to see it as a microcosm of the old gigantic production facilities. Only now, by using the latest production methods and fiber based technology, we are able to deliver a high quality product faster, more cost effectively, and from a much smaller footprint. Eleven years ago, I bought my first NEXUS and, in these eleven years, the STAGETEC equipment never needed service. Its performance and reliability have been excellent. The NEXUS and the NEXUS STAR routers gave me the inspiration to formulate my plans for Rose Lane and create a production environment where all data, be it audio or video, is routed via fiber—without latency, clocking, or any other issues.” “I am an audio engineer first and foremost,” he continued. “To me, that means there is one overriding factor: sound quality. I have been fortunate (and am old enough) to have worked on the best analog equipment. STAGETEC makes the only equipment that not only equals, but surpasses the best analog gear. Everything is right where it needs to be. We’ve been working with our new AURUS for over two months now and, every day, it blows us away. We have already worked on several videos and a number of advertisements have been shot on our soundstage. We’ve also been using the control room to mix the projects of our record company’s artists. Throughout, the AURUS console has proven to be extremely intuitive to operate. In the two plus months that we’ve been using our new desk, it offers more of everything than anyone can imagine to exist on one console. Simply put, it blows us away each and every day.” Versatile AURUS Koppert was particularly enthusiastic about several of the AURUS console’s features. “The configurability of this console is infinite,” Koppert reports, “and every aspect of the system’s EQ and processing is of the highest quality. I’ve also been really impressed with the automation. The speed of the automation is something I previously only dreamed of. Combine that with the fact that the AURUS is the only digital console that does not have any summing problems and that it enables you to fold down from any format—surround to stereo—and the choice of console became an easy one for me. Over the last few months we’ve had quite a number of the world’s top producers and engineers visiting our new studio. Each and every one did the same thing. They listened, played with it, smiled, and booked sessions. I think that pretty much says it all!” Expert Support Quality customer support services are crucial to Koppert and, here too, he was very complimentary of STAGETEC. “A very important aspect of the new kind of production environment Rose Lane provides is its seamless operation across all aspects of production, be it audio or visual,” he said. “That means the system in its entirety has to be rock solid and if there is any downtime due to technical issues, these issues have to be resolved expediently. Having owned and operated STAGETEC equipment for over a decade, I have come to know the people within STAGETEC and am proud to call them my friends. From the factory in Germany to the people responsible for the US operation, the support has been better than anyone can expect. STAGETEC’s prompt response time and thorough training has been of a kind I can only describe as the ‘Rolls Royce’ standard.” Before turning his attention back to company business, Koppert offered the following comments, “The STAGETEC NEXUS, NEXUS STAR, and AURUS console are the heart of our operation. They enable us to produce product of the highest quality in the most economical fashion. I have every confidence that STAGETEC will continue to launch new technologies that will keep Rose Lane Studio on the leading edge of media production.”

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