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STAGETEC AVATUS: an IP-based solution with four user interfaces

STAGETEC, Manufacturer of efficient and reliable signal management solutions for audio, video, IP, interfaces as well as mixing console systems, presents the AVATUS audio console of the future with four user interfaces. The innovative concept makes full use of the advantages of IP technology and offers a central controller with standard TCP/IP interfaces to link to the control surface. The user interface itself can consist of either one large console or several small control surfaces with separately installed metering if required.

Remote connections are possible over the network and are accessible via browser or control software without any hardware. The key element of the distributed concept is to avoid any central operating controls - all operating positions have access to all functions.

When linked to a NEXUS network, the user can access almost unlimited resources using audio inputs and outputs of any format. The integrated macro control ensures seamless integration of external systems into every environment and smooth workflows in daily operations.

AVATUS S is the flagship choice available in sizes from 12 to 96 faders for all applications with maximum overview and extremely fast direct access.

AVATUS D is the flexible option with sizes from 12 to 96 faders with removable displays for wall or swivel arm mount. It is the perfect solution for auditoriums.

AVATUS C is the compact solution for comprehensive control with minimal footprint available in sizes from 12 - 36 faders. Perfect as mobile extension for larger consoles, as remote console or wherever space is an important consideration.

The AVATUS E is the choice for encoder centered operation and offers the shortest depth for small OB vans or venues in need of a console to fit limited space. Available as 24 and 36 fader console.

With the AVATUS series of consoles from STAGETEC it’s easy to meet changing requirements and to keep familiar workflows with a suitable interface.


STAGETEC provides individual IP signal management solutions for audio & video, interfaces as well as mixing console systems, which are ready for use within a very short time, with almost no configuration effort, and are characterized by reliability, ease of use, high operational safety and thus reduction of operating costs and all this «Made in Germany & Switzerland».


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