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Serbia goes on air with STAGETEC AURUS platinum

Belgrade, Serbia, April 2021: The public broadcaster of the autonomous province of Vojvodina (RTV) in Serbia has chosen STAGETEC consoles to equip its new broadcast studios.

RTV was for a long time located in an old and not very suitable for its purposes building in the center of Novi Sad. In November 2020, the long-awaited new and modern RTV building was completed. The 17,000 square meter building provides 5 television studios, 5 radio studios and two music studios for the production and broadcasting of radio and television programs. At a very early planning stage of the project, Dirigent Acoustics LLC, STAGETEC's distributor in Belgrade, Serbia, was entrusted with the acoustic design of all studios and control rooms, the design of the audio system and the supervision of the project. The main TV production studio was equipped with an audio and video routing and distribution system in the CER (Central Equipment Room) and the MCR (Master Control Room).

A 48-fader AURUS platinum mixing console and a NEXUS audio network with a NEXUS Star router from STAGETEC, the Berlin-based manufacturer of professional audio technology, are used in the CER. Six base devices for system integration and distribution provide a total of 64 microphone inputs, 40 line inputs, 28 AES 3 inputs, and 28 AES 3 outputs, as well as an XDIP board for integrating a wireless microphone system via DANTE. Two base units with 32 microphones each and one with 8 line outputs were installed as stage boxes in the studio. An additional NEXUS Star router is ready for future expansion, which is planned for this year. The AURUS platinum mixing console is a reliable and powerful tool with extensive features for audio processing at the very highest level. In broadcast, for example, this includes an unlimitedly flexible bus structure with intelligent on-air/off-air solutions or the optional automix for talk shows. In live applications, AURUS offers perfect integration with the NEXUS audio network. Direct access to all parameters, such as microphone inputs, optimizes working speed and workflow enormously.

Dirigent Acoustics was responsible for the design, provided support for the installation of the system and performed the commissioning. The company also helped with technical and operational training for RTV staff, which was provided by STAGETEC.

Dirigent Acoustics was founded in 2007 by Dejan Todorović. Since then, the company has become a leading consulting and engineering firm for audio technology and acoustics in the Balkan region. In over 150 projects in more than 17 countries worldwide, Dirigent Acoustics has been able to demonstrate its expertise in the implementation of diverse projects, ranging from simple analog systems to complex digital audio control rooms. The company's references include TV stations, concert halls, schools and sports venues, but also live events, such as the Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade in 2008.

The Radio and Television Corporation of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina is a regional public service broadcaster. On two channels and three radio frequencies, RTV produces and broadcasts regional programs in ten languages, 24 hours a day. RTV web portal was the first in Serbia to introduce a special service called "Read for Me" for blind and visually impaired people. Today, Radio-Television Vojvodina has over 1200 employees and several hundred freelancers.


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