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Sales success for Stagetec Asia in Taiwan

New Taipei, Taiwan, October 2017: Stagetec Asia, the partner company of Berlin-based manufacturer STAGETEC, has installed two large CRESCENDO platinum at Formosa TV (FTV) in Taiwan. The two consoles each have 48 faders and are each integrated into a NEXUS audio routing system with STAR router and base devices. The delivery also includes a mobile NEXUS Base Device that can be used as needed. The five RMDQ boards in the networks allow configurations with up to 500 audio channels. Even when using 128 summing buses, there are enough audio channels available thanks to the large computing capacity, and operation at a sampling rate of 96 kHz is also possible without any problems.

For its large entertainment shows, Formosa TV needs powerful consoles and an audio network that can handle complex signal processing functions quickly and reliably," explains Advon Tan, managing director of Stagetec Asia. "That's why we chose products from STAGETEC, and we're confident that our audio quality will impress."

Mr. Chen, a TV sound engineer from FTV, comments that he has never heard such an impressive sound from a simple dynamic microphone that has a high dynamic range. This impression would give STAGETEC's NEXUS an excellent report card.

The project was realized by Stagetec Asia together with its distribution partner Oceanic Technology Corporation. The CRESCENDO consoles and the NEXUS network were installed in Formosa TV's new broadcast complex, located in the Linkou District in New Taipei. Formosa TV is one of Taiwan's first private television stations and broadcasts TV dramas, entertainment shows, news, as well as infotainment and animated films. Since viewers include Chinese as well as Taiwanese locals, FTV also broadcasts in Hokkien, a dialect spoken in southern China and Taiwan.


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