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prolight+sound: NEXUS audio network from STAGETEC doubles capacity

prolight+sound, Frankfurt, March 2017: Good news for users of the widely used NEXUS audio network from STAGETEC: With the software release V5.28, NEXUS systems can be expanded to more than double their previous size. Previously, the number of Base Devices was limited to 31. The audio network can manage up to 64000 I/Os. "Already, many NEXUS systems network an entire campus, for example at broadcasting stations or film production facilities," explains Alex Nemes, Head of Sales at STAGETEC, adding:

"Scalability now increases again by more than double - enough for all networking currently imaginable!"

The combination of an increased number of Base Devices and the already recently increased connectivity of the NEXUS fiber optic links makes it possible to expand new and existing systems into truly large-scale installations. The fiber optic connection between the individual Base Devices bridges even large distances, allowing the network to become a link between rooms, houses and even cities.

NEXUS works internally with a bus system based on the time-division multiplex principle and offers a wide range of I/O options up to IP technology. The system's functionality goes far beyond that of a pure audio router. It takes over control tasks, switches external signals transparently through the network, performs DSP functions and offers many additional functions. Since its introduction, STAGETEC has continuously developed the system further, so that today it performs many times more than was even conceivable at the time of its market launch. Even the oldest existing systems can still be expanded and the NEXUS of today is completely downward compatible.

NEXUS received the Primetime Engineering Award Emmy® in 2010. In the justification for the award, NEXUS was mentioned as the best routing system ever.

The software release V5.28 will be available at the end of the second quarter.

Visit STAGETEC at prolight+sound: Booth 3.1/G83!


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