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prolight+sound: Integrated routing, double the connectivity in half the space

STAGETEC is introducing new fibre optic boards with integrated routing, top transmission capacity and minimal space requirements

Frankfurt, April 2016: At exhibition booth G25 in hall 4.1, digital mixing console systems and audio networks expert STAGETEC is launching an intelligent fibre-optic board for NEXUS audio networks and mixing console connectivity. As a special feature, the new generation of NEXUS fibre-optic interfaces, or XFOC for short, acts not only as an I/O transfer medium, but also provides integrated routing functionality. Four independent ports are each capable of transporting 512 inputs and outputs via fibre optic to the NEXUS Base Device, STAGETEC's standard audio router. In total, this creates a management and routing capacity of more than 2 000 signals per fibre-optic board!

Compatible with old and new The new XFOC connects to the powerful XRT router board, introduced in 2014, which processes more than 8 000 signals and enables entirely new network architectures. In addition, the board retains backwards compatibility with the previous standard connections. This makes it ideal for integration into existing systems. "Our product strategy retains value at an extraordinary level for all customers. All existing installations can benefit from almost all innovations – such as now with the new XFOC generation", commented René Harder, member of STAGETEC management. "Instead of having to procure a new audio network or mixing console and routing, customers can upgrade their installations with our new modules, keeping them up to date!"

Sophisticated networks with Ethernet tunnels High levels of connectivity and extraordinary routing capacity make the creation of complex NEXUS networks possible. For example, extremely high-capacity network structures are possible in a ring or mesh topology, forming especially reliable audio networks in addition to the previous star network commonly deployed. Tree and line structures are also appropriate with the new board and reduce the amount of wiring. The fibre-optic connections can also be used for other services, such as Ethernet tunnelling with a transfer rate of up to 1 Gbit/sec. The new XFOC fibre-optic board from STAGETEC fits into any 1 U and 3 U-sized NEXUS Base Devices. Once installed, it extends connectivity and creates additional massive routing capacity for fibre-optic networks, completely independent of the Base Device's routing. Moreover, it substantially reduces procurement costs and represents another milestone in the chain of innovations from the Berlin-based high-tech developer.


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