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Prolight+sound 2015: STAGETEC unveils CRESCENDO update

Prolight+sound, Frankfurt (Germany), April 2015: At the prolight+sound 2015 convention, STAGETEC shows its mid-sized CRESCENDO console with the new platinum look already available for its big brother, AURUS. The new 4.0 firmware introduces system-based A/B switching at channel strip input level and a host of substantial performance improvements.

CRESCENDO is the Berlin-based pro audio specialist’s mid-sized offering between AURUS and the more compact AURATUS console: despite its depth of a mere 60cm, the console handles up to 300 audio channels and 128 summing busses. Future CRESCENDO models will sport the new “platinum design” premiered with AURUS platinum at the “Tonmeistertagung 2014” convention. Thanks to the operation panel’s breath-taking grey hues and the new wood finish of its palm rest, the revamped console looks both stylish and inviting.

Firmware release 4.0: more oomph, new features STAGETEC seized the opportunity to upgrade CRESCENDO’s firmware to version 4.0. It introduces A/B switching or summing at the input of each channel strip, a feature requested by countless CRESCENDO users. In addition, overall system performance has become more robust and powerful, thanks to the integration of the ROSS control protocol and a revised scene automation system.

Visit STAGETEC at prolight+sound (15 through 18 April 2015) at Messe Frankfurt (Germany).


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