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NEXUS as FOH Matrix at the Classic Open Air Festival

Berlin, July 2018: The Classic Open Air Festival at the Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin has already been a good tradition for 27 years. However, staging it is a new challenge every year. Classical music in the open air is demanding in terms of acoustic implementation and requires a special sound system. Critical listeners are used to perfect sound from the 2018 07 NEXUS gain delay matrix laptop concert hall. This year, for the first time, the Berlin-based manufacturer STAGETEC also contributed to ensuring that the audience could enjoy the five concert evenings of the festival with the best audio quality.

A NEXUS system was used as FOH matrix and routed the output channels of up to two mixing consoles to the sound reinforcement system. Within the NEXUS system, signal processing was performed on the level-delay matrix of the DSP board. The level-delay matrix allows simultaneous distribution of input signals to several outputs. Level and delay could be set here for each 2018 07 multimetering gain delay matrix routing input individually per output bus. The outputs of the level-delay matrix controlled different sound reinforcement zones at the Gendarmenmarkt. For some routes, an additional dynamic unit (limiter) was looped in to protect the amplifiers. Via Dante, all buses were output to the sound reinforcement system. Thus, an even level coverage was achieved on the wide Gendarmenmarkt and the audience could experience the five concerts with the best sound.

"The modularity, system stability as well as mechanical workmanship of the base unit convinced me. During operation via the Nexus GUI, it was positively noticed that several routings can be switched in preparation, " explains Ben Spindler,2018 07 NEXUS freelance specialist for sound reinforcement. "Subsequently, these were switched without cracking. By means of previously saved statuses, it was possible to quickly switch between 2 scenarios (zone and stereo sound reinforcement)."

TSE AG (Technik und Service für Events AG) used NEXUS as FOH matrix for this project. 2018 07 multimetering gain delay matrixIn this project, NEXUS was able to show that it is predestined for sound reinforcement tasks of any kind with its diverse analog and digital interfaces, DSP functionality, and low-latency networking. This year, the Classic Open Air Festival took place from July 5 to 9.


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