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Maly Theater in Moscow modernizes sound control room with AURUS platinum from STAGETEC

Moscow/Russia, October 2017: Russia, where the performing arts have always played a major role, can look back on a rich theater history. World-famous theaters can be found here, for example the Bolshoi Theater and the Tabakov Theater in Moscow as well as the Alexandrinsky Theater, the Marinsky Theater and the Bolshoi Drama Theater BDT in St. Petersburg. All these theaters were equipped with technology from STAGETEC during modernization. The digital audio mixing consoles and the NEXUS audio routing system of the Berlin manufacturer have a good tradition in Russian theaters. Recently, the Maly Theater in Moscow has become one of them. An AURUS platinum mixing console system with 48 faders was installed in the audio control room. AURUS provides extensive equipment especially for theatrical use. The static snapshot automation, for example, forms the basis for scene automation, which is important in the theater. All audio processing parameters and the entire configuration of the NEXUS STAR router can be stored here.

The core of the sound system in the Maly Theater is the NEXUS audio routing system with a STAR router and three Base Devices. The NEXUS audio network was equipped with analog, digital, and IP interfaces. Thus, not only the systems operated in the theater can be connected to each other, but also the external technology of theater groups can be connected during guest performances.

The Maly Theater was reopened in the spring of 2017 after a comprehensive renovation, which also included the technical equipment of the sound and lighting systems as well as the stage mechanics. Founded in 1756, the Maly Theater was Russia's second oldest playhouse. It was originally called the Petrovsky Theater, but was renamed after the Bolshoi Theater was founded. Since both theaters are located in close proximity to each other, they were named the "big" (Russian: bolshoi) and "small" (Russian: maly) theaters to distinguish them. The Maly Theater is a so-called spoken theater. Mainly classical plays, including many works by the Russian playwright Alexander Ostrowski, are on the program.


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