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ISE: STAGETEC Audio and Mixing over IP

On AIR flex with remote control via browser

ISE, Amsterdam, February 2017: STAGETEC, the Berlin-based developer and manufacturer of digital recording studio technology, presents ON AIR flex, an IP-based console that handles extensive control tasks, at ISE. ON AIR flex can be configured completely freely and adapted to individual requirements. The system consists of three components - audio processing, control elements and control logic - which are separated from each other and communicate with each other via the standardized IP protocol EmBER+. The outsourcing of the control component makes the mixing console logic accessible from all sides and freely configurable. Even the entire mixer configuration can be self-defined and ON AIR flex can be adapted to any individual workflow.

ON AIR flex is fully integrated into STAGETEC's powerful NEXUS routing system and can directly monitor and control the network. NEXUS is a decentralized, versatile routing network that switches and transmits audio and non-audio signals.

A special feature of ON AIR flex is its platform-independent user interface: the console's GUI is based on web technologies such as Javascript and Webkit. This means that access to the console's control logic is not only possible via dedicated hardware panels, but basically via any web-enabled end device - Remote User Interface (RUI) is what STAGETEC calls this concept, which opens up mobile end devices such as tablets - regardless of the operating system - as control panels.

The control logic of the ON AIR flex is implemented via the XACI (NEXUS Advanced Control Interface) control board. The XACI board is a powerhouse - the processor, clocked at 800 MHz 4-core, offers more than enough reserves even for the most demanding control tasks.

Any control pulses can be integrated into the flexible control intelligence via logic programming. Combinations are also possible, e.g. a keystroke that instructs the ON AIR flex to load a predefined source routing including mixer channel assignment and the channel parameters. "A big advantage is the strong logic programming behind ON AIR flex," explains René Harder, member of the management team. "It can be used to install a very minimalist mixing console, but in the background it can control even complex sequences and circuits via the extensive logic control."

ON AIR flex can function as a compact broadcast mixing console in the radio station, take over small monitoring tasks and premixes in the OB van, or implement any control functions for a wide range of applications - even remotely, e.g. from the broadcast center, thanks to the IP infrastructure.

The installation of the console requires only a few cables and offers a lot of freedom in the spatial distribution of the individual elements. The user interface of the ON AIR flex is maximally flexible and scalable, fader and monitor cassettes can be added.

Visit STAGETEC at the ISE in Amsterdam from 07-10.02.2017 in hall 7, booth W-190.


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