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Expansion of the NEXUS network at Radio Kuwait

Kuwait City, Kuwait, July 2019: STAGETEC, the Berlin-based manufacturer of professional audio technology, has expanded a NEXUS network at Radio Kuwait. The Middle East's first large NEXUS networking went live in Radio Kuwait's main control room back in late 2004. A central NEXUS STAR router and 20 star-connected Base Devices are responsible for all audio signal distribution at the radio station. Now, numerous NEXUS interfaces have been upgraded and expanded.

For example, an IP format was supplied for the first time with the Dante/AES67 boards to interconnect production sites at Radio Kuwait. The radio station also received NEXUS Monitor Control - a GUI that allows listening to any signals in NEXUS networks without a mixing console. The project was complemented by a major update of the entire system, which enabled various new features, such as the expansion of the NEXUS network to 63 Base Devices with up to 64000 I/Os. STAGETEC also supplied three new NEXUS Base Devices with numerous interfaces, which were installed in the main control room and in two music studios.

One ON AIR and two AURATUS consoles from STAGETEC are integrated into the NEXUS network.

"Radio Kuwait chose STAGETEC 15 years ago because NEXUS provides a widespread distribution network for audio signals, taking into account all conceivable formats," reports Jean-Paul Moermann from the sales department at STAGETEC, who trained Radio Kuwait's engineers after the installations and update. "Another plus is that NEXUS is constantly being developed further and thus remains compatible over generations."


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