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NEXUS compact Release V2.2.2

For NEXUS compact, the software release V2.2.2 with new functionality is now available.

We recommend all users to update their NEXUS compact units to this version.


Important: For this software release, it is a mandatory requirement that the AoIP module is updated to it's latest firmware version!

The AoIP module must be updated before you carry out the software update on the NEXUS compact.

  • For AES67 modules, the latest firmware is included in the download package

  • For Dante modules, the latest firmware can be obtained and installed via Dante Updater (included tool in Dante controller)


With our release notes, we regularly inform you about the status of the NEXUS compact software in terms of new features, resolved issues, and other innovations.


New most important changes in this NEXUS compact software release are:


New functionality

Adding of STAGETEC-grade Audio processing:

•     120 x 16 Mix Matrix with stereo coupling of adjacent channels

•     16 x Input processing (Delay, Exp, EQ, Comp)

•     16 x Output processing (Delay, EQ, Comp, Lim)


More details:

•     16 Mix busses have been added

•     All inputs can mix to these busses

•     In addition,16 input processing channels have been added; they can also mix to the busses

•     Any of the inputs can directly be assigned to these 16 input processing channels

•     The 16 input processing channels are equipped with Delay, Exp, EQ, Comp

•     The 16 busses have output processing channels which are equipped with EQ, Comp, Lim, Delay

•     The output processing channels can be assigned to outputs – in the same way that inputs can directly be assigned to outputs.


New WebGUI:

A new version of the browser based UI provides now controls for the new functionality – in the look-and-feel of the AVATUS RUI. Including snapshot automation and copy and paste for processing blocks. A XY routing matrix has been added for more intuitive signal routing.


Yamaha Mic control:

The NEXUS compact (Dante version) can now be controlled from a Yamaha CL/QL console. The same licensing system applies as with Yamaha mic control for NEXUS.


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