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Discontinuation of Support for CANTUS Mixing Consoles and NEXUS Matrix 4

Berlin, May 2017: STAGETEC proudly looks back on the successful history of its first large digital mixing console CANTUS, which started in 1994. The revolutionary concept, which conquered the entire globe within a few years, was not only groundbreaking for digital audio processing but also designed for a long lifetime from the very beginning. As with all STAGETEC products, only components that met STAGETEC's high quality standards were used. Their manufacturers had to guarantee a minimum 10-year availability of the components. In accordance with the claim "Made in Germany", STAGETEC has always stood for absolutely reliable and durable products as well as excellent service.

In 2004, the CANTUS mixing consoles were replaced by the Direct-Access Console AURUS and a new chapter in STAGETEC's success story began. The production of CANTUS was gradually discontinued. Of course, updates and support were still available for existing customers and installations. STAGETEC's claim to produce durable products was also expressed in the provision of replacement assemblies and also repairs of older components at the company's Berlin headquarters.

This is the only way many CANTUS mixing console systems can work for more than 20 years.

STAGETEC has stocked up all these years with CANTUS components in own warehouses to be able to offer a good support to the customers. Unfortunately, however, despite worldwide research, not all components are now available. Customers currently still working on CANTUS consoles should therefore take care to upgrade their installation, as STAGETEC is now officially terminating support for CANTUS products, including firmware and software support.

STAGETEC hereby also announces the discontinuation of its support for the Matrix 4 hardware/software system of the NEXUS audio routing system. However, the successor version Matrix 5 was developed by STAGETEC in such a way that systems running with Matrix 4 can be upgraded for the most part. This extends the service life of existing components and reduces the cost of new investment for existing customers.

Existing customers are asked to contact to discuss further options in person.


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