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AVATUS - the new IP console at IBC

Amsterdam, Netherlands, September 2018: STAGETEC presents its IP console AVATUS at IBC. While last year the concept of AVATUS was presented for the first time, the Berlin developers now arrive with a significantly more advanced pre-series version, which is also already in use. The first user of AVATUS is tpc switzerland ag. The technical service provider of Swiss Radio and Television (SRF) is a long-standing customer of STAGETEC. The IP mixing console was installed in the Prowa 2, which is used for radio productions.

Modular, flexible and completely IP-based - these are the most salient features of the new console. AVATUS is connected via standardized TCP/IP interfaces, with each module having its own IP address. This will allow the user interfaces to be scalable according to the application, with no restrictions on the number of channels or functionality. AVATUS will be available in sizes ranging from one cassette with 12 faders to eight cassettes with 96 faders.

The operating concept of AVATUS is based on the fact that only the currently relevant, context-related functions are ever displayed on large multi-touch displays. Another new feature is the color coding of faders and rotary encoders, which enables content-related linking and allows fast, intuitive operation.

AVATUS uses the DSP core (RMDQ) already known from the AURUS and will always have enough channels and summing buses available for all common applications. Features such as the DeEsser as audio module, loudness metering, and the STAGETEC automixer will be integrated into the console. Integrated into a NEXUS network, AVATUS will have access to virtually unlimited resources of audio inputs and outputs of any format.

"We are trying to implement new technologies in AVATUS while retaining proven concepts. We are responding to customer requests and market trends with the IP console. AVATUS represents the ideal compromise between tablet computers and the AURUS, which has been tried and tested for many years," explains Dr. Helmut Jahne, Managing Director of STAGETEC.

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