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AURUS platinum for ARD.ZDF media academy

Nuremberg, June 2019: STAGETEC, the Berlin-based manufacturer of professional audio technology, has updated the AURUS mixing system at ARD.ZDF medienakademie to AURUS platinum. The console has 40 faders and is embedded in a NEXUS network with a router and four base devices. NEXUS has been equipped with the latest components, such as the RIF67 router interface for Ravenna and the powerful RMDQ audio DSP unit for resource-intensive productions.

Since 2006, the ARD.ZDF medienakademie (then called srt Schule für Rundfunktechnik) has been using an AURUS-NEXUS mixing system for seminars and training courses. In order to be able to continue to conduct the training courses in a practical manner, the hardware and software were brought up to date.

The ARD.ZDF media academy is a non-profit limited company and offers seminars for all professions in journalism and media production. In addition, there are courses on technology, leadership, personal skills, communication and marketing - open to everyone. In the training centers in Nuremberg and Hanover, more than 2,400 seminars are held annually on around 600 topics.


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