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3D sound reinforcement via NEXUS and CRESCENDO-T from STAGETEC at the Erlangen Theater

Erlangen, Germany, December 2019: Theater Erlangen has comprehensively modernized its audio technology. CRESCENDO-T, a 32-fader mixing console from Berlin-based manufacturer STAGETEC, was installed in an already existing NEXUS network. The NEXUS components of this network, some of which were 14 years old, were checked and replaced if necessary, and the network was also expanded to include a base unit and a router. As part of this conversion, an interesting audio installation was set up, which allows the theater to use two sound systems in parallel: the classic one and a 3D audio system. The system house Wilhelm & Willhalm installed a 3D audio system from Astro Spatial Audio and distributed 70 speakers over four levels in the boxes and on the balustrade in the auditorium. The system also integrates the classic Left Center Right and Stage Edge sound reinforcement system.

The special feature of the installation is that the sound engineer can use both the classical sound system and the 3D audio system in parallel during the performance. No preparations are required and there is no need to switch over. Such an installation, which is unique in a theater, is made possible by combining the signals from the Astro Spatial System and the direct bus outputs from CRESCENDO-T via summers in the NEXUS system. This allows for parallel use. "Bringing these two systems together - the classic sound reinforcement system and the 3D audio system - requires a router, and NEXUS is already unique in this respect, " explains Thomas Dürrbeck, project manager at Wilhelm & Willhalm. "The cooperation with STAGETEC on this project was very close and friendly. For example, the Berliners responded to the theater's requests for changes in the layout and function assignments until shortly before the mixing console was completed."

Another special feature of this installation is that all five CRESCENDO-T screens can be switched to video, allowing feeds from PCs as well as the stage and orchestra cameras. Erlangen is also one of the first theaters to use Waves integration in CRESCENDO-T.

Theater Erlangen chose CRESCENDO-T because the compact console offers snapshot and scene automation. For quick access, eight customized button assignments for theater applications are located on the console's surface, and two additional metal buttons for "Play" and "Previous Snapshot" are located in the armrest. Other decisive factors for choosing CRESCENDO-T were its speed at start-up and the extremely short setting times of the snapshots (recall speed of less than 10 ms) as well as the direct access to EQ, dynamics, AUX, etc. And now that CRESCENDO-T has been in use for a good three months, the Erlangen theater is also very impressed with the quality of the audio signal processing.


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