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Thomas Gmeiner new CTO of STAGETEC in Berlin

With Thomas Gmeiner as STAGETEC's new CTO, the necessary structures are being created to position tradition and innovation on the international stage for audio, video and IP signal management in a professional and forward-looking manner.

Thomas Gmeiner gained many years of experience in the fields of research and development, taking on leading positions at the interface between professional audio, consumer electronics, and automotive at Harman/AKG and Knowles, among others. He thus has valuable expertise in product development and innovation management.

"Development is driven by creative individualists who are often highly diverse. As CTO, I particularly enjoy the challenge of orchestrating a team, managing and focusing the expert knowledge of the best minds, and achieving a result that is significantly more than the sum of the individual inputs. To achieve this, it takes an arranger who never loses sight of the big goal and makes sure that the development stays on track. The result is always a team effort that everyone enjoys working on and, of course, is proud of the output. Audio technology is my specialty and my great love," explains Thomas Gmeiner about his ambition to join STAGETEC.

"I am convinced that with Thomas Gmeiner we are setting an essential sign for achieving innovative top performance," says Wolfgang Salzbrenner (CEO), looking positively into the future.

Thomas Gmeiner studied electrical engineering and sound engineering at the Graz University of Technology, music at the Graz University of the Arts and acoustics at Pennsylvania State University. He is married, has two grown-up children and lives with his wife in Vienna and from now on also in Berlin.


STAGETEC offers individual IP signal management solutions for audio & video, interfaces as well as mixing console systems, which are ready for use within a very short time and with almost no configuration effort and are characterised by reliability, simple operation, high operational safety and thus reduction of operating costs - and all this "Made in Germany & Switzerland".


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