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From TDM fibre networks to IP SMPTE 2110

STAGETEC is known for its reliable audio networks, which were previously based on TDM fibre. The question is: Can we switch to an SMPTE 2110 workflow?

Audio expert Jean Paul Moerman shows in the following clip how easy it is to move to SMPTE ST2110-compliant IP connectivity with NEXUS. Both pure IP networks and hybrid solutions of fibre and IP can be realised in the same system without any restrictions.

Existing systems can thus be easily brought up to the state of the art. The best thing is: NEXUS combines the advantages of two technologies in a single assembly.

Video series: Broadcasting over IP with Jean Paul Moerman

Download PDF • 1.50MB

STAGETEC_English_IP-Link (Whitepaper)
Download PDF • 798KB


STAGETEC supplies individual IP signal management solutions for audio & video, interfaces as well as mixing console systems, which are ready for use within a very short time and with almost no configuration effort and are characterised by reliability, simple operation, high operational safety and thus reduction of operating costs - and all this "Made in Germany & Switzerland".


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