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With the RIF67 card it is possible to connect up to eight AoIP networks to a NEXUS system. AES67 and Ravenna are supported. The RIF67 cards are available in four versions: with 2, 4, 6 or 8 active ports. A total of 256 audio channels can be output in IP streams. Depending on the expansion level of the board, 8 channels (RIF67-1) down to 2 channels (RIF67-4) can be bundled per stream.


NEXUS – RIF67 – The concept:

The RIF67 card for the NEXUS Star Router is the most powerful solution for connecting AoIP networks to the NEXUS system. To ensure maximum compliance with AoIP standards and to be able to quickly accommodate future extensions, the RIF67 card uses the AES67.IO modules from DirectOut as "piggyback" modules. Up to four of these modules can be equipped on one board, whereby each equipped module activates two RIF45 ports of the RIF67 board. 256 input and 256 output channels can be exchanged simultaneously with the matrix of the Star Router via one RIF67 board. When equipped with an AES67.IO module, these can be distributed over up to 32 IP streams. Each additional module adds 32 additional streams.

The same connection also applies on the input side. STAGETEC's adaptation of the DirectOut modules thus provides excellent, easy-to-use integration with the NEXUS network, cleverly expanding the available options and deliberately dispensing with complicated special solutions. With a fully-equipped RIF67 card it is possible to create 128 stereo IP streams from the sum of 256 audio channels, which can be a great advantage especially in large AoIP networks, e.g. in broadcasting applications. For sample-accurate synchronization, the RIF67 card offers synchronization in both directions, as is typical for NEXUS cards. With its highly stable internal clock generator, the NEXUS system can be configured as a PTPv2 master for the connected AoIP networks. Conversely, it is of course possible to follow the PTP grandmaster of one of the connected networks.

NEXUS – RIF67 – Features:

Optional Equipment with Additional AES67.IO Modules for 4 Separate Networks The module can be equipped with one to four AES67.IO modules, each feeding two Ethernet ports. Therefore, four separate, redundant networks can be used when fully equipped.

Redundancy According to SMPTE 2022-7 (Seamless Protection Switching) The uninterruptible switching described in the SMPTE 2022-7 standard can be configured for safe transmission of the audio streams.

Adjustable Digital Gain at Inputs A digital gain is available on all inputs.

NEXUS – RIF67 – Use cases:

Integration of the Star Router in an IP-Based Network The module connects the NEXUS system to IP networks and allows the safe and accurate operation of STAGETEC systems to be combined with the flexible workflow of IP technology. Using the open standard AES67, the NEXUS audio system can be integrated into a wide variety of AoIP networks to enable flexible exchange of audio channels with devices from various manufacturers. For this purpose, a multitude of streams can be configured in detail, which allow the RIF67 card to both send and receive up to 256 channels.

NEXUS - RIF67 - Technical data:
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NEXUS - RFOC– Technical data:
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NEXUS STAR Card RIF67 - Downloads:

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