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High density A/D converter
NEXUS Analog Card HXAD

HXAD NEXUS cards offer eight analog stereo line inputs (16 audio channels). Versions with D-Sub or RJ45 connectors are available, which are particularly suitable for applications that require small sizes with high audio quality at the same time.


NEXUS – HXAD – The concept:

The HXAD board is the best way to feed larger amounts of stereo signals into a NEXUS system when space is limited. The 24-bit A/D converter can digitize 16 signals with typical line levels. This analog input board also features STAGETEC‘s innovative circuit design with minimal converter errors and transformer isolated input stages. The dynamic range of 112 dB (A) and the extremely low distortion factor of only 0.001% at 15 dBu allow a faithful reproduction of any typical analog signal. The unbeatable amplitude frequency response of +/-0.05 dB at 20 Hz - 20 kHz and the high aliasing suppression underline the outstanding quality known from STAGETEC products. With its galvanic isolation in pairs, the high-density input board allows efficient, high-quality connection of stereophonic sources to a NEXUS network.

To keep the packing density in systems as high as possible, this 16-channel card is only available with D-sub or RJ45 connections in 4 HP width. The use of cards with RJ45 sockets makes it possible, especially in fixed installations, to have common CAT5 cables laid as an inexpensive alternative to expensive, shielded audio cables. STAGETEC‘s extraordinary inputs ensure that the signal quality does not suffer as a result.

NEXUS – HXAD – Features:

Stereo version of the outstanding XAD+ converter card With a dynamic range of 112 dB and a maximum input level of 15 dBU, this NEXUS board is a space-saving replacement for XAD+ when it comes to stereo signals.

High-density card with 16 audio channels for large numbers of inputs in confined spaces This board offers high channel density, meeting a high demand for required inputs, especially in situations requiring portability or low weight.

Version with transformers in each input channel, even with high channel density Despite the compact circuit design, each channel is transformer isolated. The input pairs (1/2, 3/4, etc.) share a common ground potential, since the module is intended for the connection of stereo and multichannel devices. STAGETEC‘s transformer-insulated inputs have significant advantages over conventional circuits: They are insensitive to magnetic fields and have a lower distortion factor, especially at high and low levels and at low frequencies. They also offer high symmetry, galvanic isolation and a lower input capacitance.

Ground lift The connection to the common ground can be cancelled separately for each input pair (1/2, 3/4, etc.). This is done via DIP switches, which prevent the connection of the screen line to the internal analog ground.

NEXUS – HXAD – Use cases:

Projects with high channel requirements in a small space

Due to the high channel density while occupying only little space in the NEXUS base unit, the HXAD particularly appeals to users for whom every gram counts. Both in OB vans and in mobile setups, the lightweight design of the Base Devices comes in very handy. In addition, the HXAD's large number of channels makes it possible to convert numerous signals.

Tenders under high cost pressure Tenders can often be tight with the budget, but you don’t want to forego quality. The HXAD input board comes with 16 high-quality line level converters in just one board, which saves space in the NEXUS base unit and also the cost of a second input board. For an effective balance of space, price and channel capacity, the HXAD card, of course, in the usual STAGETEC quality. The slim 4HP wide design with D-Sub or RJ45 jacks takes up little space, in contrast to the XAD+ board in XLR design which has eight times the width required to accommodate the same number of channels. The main difference to the XAD+ card is the common mass of the channel pairs and the double number of inputs.

NEXUS – XAD+ – Technische data:
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NEXUS - HXAD - Technical data:
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NEXUS - HXDA - Technical data:
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NEXUS HXAD+ - Downloads:

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