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STAGETEC at the prolight+sound 2015 convention: ON AIR flex with complete NEXUS integration

prolight+sound, Frankfurt (Germany), April 2015: At prolight+sound 2015, STAGETEC presents an important update for its ON AIR flex broadcast console: thanks to the new XACI card, the console’s control logic is now fully embedded into NEXUS, doing away with the need for an external host PC, while also boosting the virtual console control features.

Modular, highly flexible and IP-based are the buzzwords that best describe the Stage Tec ON AIR flex broadcast console. Yet another highlight is the console’s platform-independent GUI. ON AIR flex’s system is based on web technologies like JavaScript and Webkit. Providing access the console’s control logic from almost any web-savvy device, including mobile devices and tablets irrespective of their operating system, this approach has been dubbed “Remote User Interface” (RUI).

Integration with NEXUS

One of the novelties presented by the Berlin-based manufacturer at prolight+sound 2015 is that both the control logic and the web-based RUI are available without an external host PC. Instead, both software modules are integrated into the NEXUS system via the new XACI card (see also the dedicated press release). ON AIR flex thus joins the club of STAGETEC consoles hat run their audio and control routines without any help from an external computer.

“Virtual” monitoring possible Thanks to this new approach, STAGETEC’s robust, powerful and highly integrated hardware platform can be used to its full potential even on a virtual level: in addition to configuration and mixing tasks, monitoring routines can now also be controlled via the virtual user interface, allowing for comprehensive remote-only scenarios.

Visit STAGETEC at prolight+sound (15 through 18 April 2015) at Messe Frankfurt (Germany).Frankfurt/M.


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