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NEXUS Upgrade at the Volksoper Vienna

Vienna, Austria, November 2019: During the summer break, the Volksoper in Vienna modernized and partially renewed its NEXUS network from the Berlin manufacturer STAGETEC, which had already been installed since 2002. In addition, a router was added to the NEXUS network. The project was realized with the system house SALZBRENNER media.

The project included the inspection of the NEXUS components from four base devices that had been in use for 17 years. After a factory overhaul and calibration, the majority of the components can still be used. A NEXUS STAR router was now added in the new system to efficiently implement the high number of fiber optic connections required. Thanks to an upgrade of the NEXUS software, the Volksoper can now also use newer boards, such as the DANTE board XDIP or the 8-channel TrueMatch® microphone converter XMIC.

"The cooperation worked very well and was professional. Only a few weeks were available for the revision and expansion of the system. As with all projects in the theater, it was imperative to keep to the schedule so that the season at the Volksoper could start on time after the summer break. Thanks to good preparation, the delivery of the NEXUS components, the installation and the start-up of the system were realized in the scheduled time," sums up Paul Prager as the project manager of SALZBRENNER media.


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