2018 09 StageTec Avatus tpc ProwaAmsterdam, Netherlands,September 2018: Stage Tec is presenting its IP console AVATUS at the IBC. Having introduced the AVATUS concept for the first time last year, this time the Berlin-based developers have brought a much more advanced pre-production version which is already in use. The first company to use AVATUS is tpc switzerland ag.

2018 08 StageTec CCTV Aurus FOHBeijing, China, September 2018: AURUS platinum, the flagship of Berlin-based manufacturer Stage Tec, made its debut as a FOH console in China. At the end of July, a cross-over concert with music by Zhang Hong Guang, one of China's most popular composers, was performed in front of an audience of 18,000 at the Cadillac Arena in Beijing. The AURUS platinum was equipped with 32 faders and integrated into a NEXUS network with six Base Devices and a STAR router.

2018 08 StageTec NEXUSBerlin, Germany, August 2018: By popular request, Yamaha console users can now access Stage Tec's NEXUS system over IP in conjunction with the Dante interface. Yamaha consoles can control NEXUS microphone inputs and can use the NEXUS converters.

2018 07 StageTec distribution Korea Nemes HwangPaju-si, South Korea, July 2018: Stage Tec, the Berlin-based manufacturer of professional audio equipment, is pleased to announce the expansion of its sales network in Asia. The company Syncfish will now distribute the entire Stage Tec product range in South Korea. Syncfish specialises in consultancy and the sale of professional audio equipment to recording studios, radio stations, post-production studios and concert halls.

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