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NEXUS Optical Card XMUX

With XMUX, a flexible connection structure of the fiber optic cables can be set up with which one can react to recurring changes.

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NEXUS – XMUX/OMUXSFP – The concept:

XMUX card is an automatic 4:1 fiber optic switch, i.e. the active output is switched to the common input as soon as a remote station is connected. Switching is automatic and prioritized. If an additional device is connected while the connection is active, the switchover is not performed until the existing connection is interrupted. A jumper can be used to set up a manual switchover. In this operating mode, the active port is selected via a control signal routed externally to the card. Together with an XRI card, this allows integration with NEXUS Logic Control, making a wide range of control options available.

XMUX allows operation as a 1:4 distributor. This type of use can be useful for MADI connections, for example. To avoid switching control signals from several receivers to the transmitter in such scenarios, the return channel is switched off in this configuration. XMUX can also be used as an optical fiber format converter (SM/MM, wavelength) because it can be flexibly equipped with SFP modules. The module is also available as a 19" device. All ports support data rates of up to 3 Gbps.


Configuration option between automatic and manual switching With preset automatic switchover, the next active port is switched within one microsecond if one line fails. Prioritizing the ports destination 1-4 are queried one behind the other until a valid signal is detected. A destination can be set manually with a jumper.

Exchangeable standard SFP modules The ports of the XMUX card can be equipped with interchangeable SFP fiber optic modules to meet different applications. The modules can be included in the delivery or fitted by the user. Multimode modules are used as standard, which allow a transmission with a range of 500 m. Alternatively, singlemode modules with a range of up to 100 km can also be used.


House cabling with several connection positions for one base device It often happens that you want to use digital interfaces at different locations without the effort of rewiring. For example, if you want to move microphone inputs from one side to the other as the stage structures change. With XMUX this is easy! Several fiber optic lines are routed from the stationary NEXUS base device to the locations in question and the mobile base device is connected to them, the multiplexer card automatically recognizes the line used.

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NEXUS – OMUX– Technische Daten:
Technische Daten

OMUX - XMUX/OMUXSFP - Downloads:

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