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Merging Technologies

Merging Technologies manufactures innovative, high quality hardware and software systems for audio and video production professionals. These include the HORUS and HAPI AD/DA converters with advanced connectivity compliant to AES67, the high-resolution, multichannel digital audio workstation, PYRAMIX, and the playout device OVATION. Merging’s products are used wherever reliability and the highest possible quality are of paramount importance. Merging’s clients include some of the finest recording studios, broadcast facilities, theaters, theme parks, post-production houses and film dubbing suites in the world. 

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ANUBIS SPS is the ST2022-7 compliant version of the extremely popular desktop converter. This product is defined by software “Missions” which are constantly evolving. Equally at home as a Monitor Controller or a miniature mixer for recording and live use, Anubis SPS can also intelligently control a much larger network including other AES67 devices. The latest Mission adapts Anubis to a fully featured Commentary unit. Anubis also features four analog inputs and four analog outputs plus two pairs of headphone outputs. As with other Merging converters, Pro and Premium versions are available and ST2110 and NMOS compliance are also a given. Anubis, in combination with other Merging converters, provides cohesive control of immersive audio monitoring and playback for formats like Dolby Atmos or Auro3D. 

Horus was the first of a family of networked audio interfaces that was introduced in 2011. Horus provided for legacy digital formats (MADI, AES/EBU) to be connected to RAVENNA/AES67 network. Featuring 6 x 8 channel card slots, this modular design allows for any combination of analog input and output cards to be fitted. With the combination AD/DA cards fitted, 48 analog inputs with mic preamplifiers and 48 analog outputs can be utilized. Many of Merging’s customers are using high resolution audio formats such as DSD and DXD and a range of Premium cards cater for these requirements. Horus is ST2110 and NMOS IS04 and IS05 compliant. 

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Hapi MKII is the most recent networked converter to be introduced and follows the extremely successful Hapi as the smaller modular converter. Featuring two card slots which utilize the same cards as Horus, Hapi MKII also links legacy formats to RAVENNA/AES67 networks. MADI is an option card in this instance but the unit has AES/EBU and SPDIF/ADAT ports as standard. A fully loaded Hapi with AD/DA cards fitted has 16 analog inputs and 16 outputs. Hapi MkII is ST2110 and NMOS IS04 and IS05 compliant and by virtue of an additional network connection also offers ST2022-7 redundancy. 

This new ASIO AES67 device supports Multi ASIO Clients, integrates WDM Support and includes a device discovery view. With this new Device Driver multiple applications running ASIO can be launched in parallel on a same system, sharing the same sampling rate and at the same time multiple applications running WDM can be launched in parallel and have their own sampling rate automatically converted to the ASIO sampling rate. This allows monitoring the Windows system sound and any application (such as Spotify, YouTube, PC Sounds files,…) along with any ASIO applications, provided there is a Merging AoIP interface on the network. 

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Ovation is the Media Server and Sequencer from Merging Technologies. Originally developed for theme park use, Ovation has evolved to be the leading solution for many applications in AV. It has also been used extensively as a playout solution for live-to-air broadcast. Since its introduction, the ability to handle many tracks of audio and route to many outputs, has made it the perfect tool for immersive audio. It is further enhanced by interfacing intelligently with industry standard 3D audio renderers, show control and video servers for the ultimate customer experience.

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