Company History

Berlin-based Stage Tec Entwicklungsgesellschaft für professionelle Audiotechnik mbH is still a young company focussing on the design and development of innovative audio components. It was founded on 1 July 1993. A prototype of the Nexus routing system was introduced only four months later: at the New York AES Convention in 1993!

Just a few months later, the Museum of Musical Instruments in Berlin became the first to install a NEXUS network. Quite a coup for a young company — the distribution partnership with the well established STAGETEC Marketing Company was successful from the word go.

But NEXUS was just the first step on the way to an ambitious goal, the design and construction of a digital mixing-console system! The digital routing system was no longer simply a standalone universal interface, but became an integral component of the new mixing console. Development of digital signal processing, and an ergonomic and attractive user interface were the final steps on the road to achieving the dream. The CANTUS was born! At the 1994 Tonmeistertagung, it received an enthusiastic welcome from the audience thanks to its clever design. The CANTUS consolidated STAGETEC’s reputation as an innovative company for professional digital audio technology and was one of the foundations of future prosperity.

The designers have consistently produced a stream of innovative improvements, even in the details. The 18-bit converters, standard at the time, were developed into the patented 28-bit TrueMatch converter. This offers the widest dynamic range of any currently available converter. New components were added, and software and hardware were continuously improved. Further development based on the CANTUS saw the introduction of a dedicated film console, the CINETRA.
The most recent addition to the STAGETEC product range is the AURUS, a mixing console system for live applications and sound reinforcement, designed completely from scratch.
Since that time NEXUS and CANTUS have become worldwide players. Systems have been installed at the Kourou Spaceport, the United Nations, the Kremlin, many Hollywood studios, and countless theatres. Broadcasting is also a major activity with, for example, more than 30 CANTUS systems sold in Italy, most of them to the state broadcasting service RAI.

Meanwhile, the company’s old home had become much too small, so a new headquarters building was commissioned. In autumn 1999, the entire company moved to the new site in the heart of Berlin. The complex includes manufacturing production lines, well-equipped offices, various QC facilities, and even a recording studio. Today, the company premises are futureproof too. However, then as now, this success is built on two pillars — the founders’ and employees’ commitment and the helpful feedback and confidence of countless satisfied customers all over the world!

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