CRESCENDO platinum

The CRESCENDO Control Strips - Everything Directly Accessible

The operating channels consist of six softly latching encoders with multicoloured LED double-sheet displays and 13 robust industrial keys. The coaxial double rotary encoders consist of two separate operating elements and an integrated pushbutton. The assignment of correlating functions is a sensible choice, e.g. gain and frequency of an equalizer band are set via the two rings of an encoder. If required, a third function can be accessed by pressing the button. Information about the current parameter settings can be found on the displays provided for this purpose as well as on the LED double sheet displays, which offer meaningful information with several colours and the angle as well as bars or dot displays.

The Functionally Equipped CRESCENDO Channel Strip at a Glance

Multifunction Cassette with all Audio Parameters

crescendo ChanelstripThe block consisting of 4 touch-sensitive, slightly latching rotary encoders and the corresponding sheet displays shows the operation of the audio parameters in the control strip.

The backlit keys below the encoders have a noticeable pressure point and change the functions with which the encoders are assigned. Some of the keys have a double function, which can be achieved by holding them briefly. Which parameters are available can be seen on the display as soon as the corresponding encoder is touched. For the settings that require a third parameter, the assignment of the lower ring can be changed using the push-button function of the encoder.

By briefly pressing the first key, the aux sends 1-8 can be accessed, pressing the second key briefly changes the assignment to aux 9-16. Using the same procedure, the N-1 sends can also be accessed with the second key. The third key switches to the four bell filters of the equalizer, a second press on the key accesses the shelving and bandpass filters. Another key activates the respective audio module in the channel.





Channel and Special Keys

crescendo Kanal SondertastenIn the lower part of the Channel Strip there are the standard buttons Mute, Solo and Select as well as the Layer button, which switches the channel strip between the two assigned channels, if pressed for a long time also the entire cassette into another layer. The display provides detailed information about the front and back layers assigned to each channel. The five smaller buttons below have it all: They can be configured with different functions. Among others the spill functionality, which temporarily spreads all channels of a group on the surface, a talk button for direct discussion of groups, the connection to an N-1 or Automix bus, isolation from the scene automation and many more.





Smooth-Running Motorized Fader with Numerous Information Displays

crescendo FaderThe touch-sensitive, smooth running 100 mm motorized faders in the CRESCENDO platinum are remarkably fast and precise. The high-quality mechanics ensure years of reliable console operation, even under intensive use. Further, configurable functions can be triggered by the lower end stop of the faders. A wealth of displays provides the user with clarity as to which functions are activated in the channel, such as stereo linking or whether the channel is the master of an M/S group. Next to the fader is a configurable level indicator. It can be used, for example, to display the input metering or gain reduction of the dynamics units.







Parallel Operation, without Exception!

 The unique structure of the digital architecture and the high data rate of the Stage Tec mixing consoles make it possible for several engineers to operate one console at the same time.

Every 10 milliseconds, every single parameter of the user interface is read and updated.

Thanks to the decentralized concept of all units, all encoders of the console can be operated in parallel, without losing even one setting, as each change is immediately stored on the central control card.