AURUS platinum

The Direct Access Operating Philosophy

AURUS platinum is designed as a direct access console and is equipped with a large number of controls that provide direct access to all important parameters.

Fast and Reliable Operation

The structure of the AURUS platinum in discrete, fully equipped channel strips makes working not only fast, but also very clear. This concept effectively excludes operating errors, which are typical for nested structures of other user interfaces. Thus, the very extensively equipped cassettes of the central control offer direct access to all important extended functions. This large construction effort with many discrete encoders, keys and displays is always worth its weight in gold when it comes to fast, reliable operability.

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AURUS – The Digital Console with Analog Surface

Experienced sound engineers are already familiar with the design with discrete, clearly subdivided control strips and a central section from the times of analog mixing consoles. Stage Tec has consistently further developed this proven design and added many functions that have become possible thanks to the introduction of digital technology into the construction of large mixing consoles, as led by Stage Tec.

Considering that amateurs stood in awe in front of a 40-channel analogue console decades ago, it is not surprising that the impressive surface of an AURUS with 40 or more control strips is still overwhelming today. This sometimes intimidating impression disappears very quickly when users gain their first experience with an AURUS console. All important functions can be reached directly in the channel strip, handles in the central control are virtually unnecessary, work runs super fast and without much back and forth, mistakes are almost impossible.

Direct Access also in the Central Control

The philosophy of always having direct access to frequently used functions is also maintained in the central cassettes of the AURUS interfaces. Due to the immense functional scope of these flagship mixing consoles, the number of control elements is correspondingly generous and has continued to grow over the generations together with the functionalities. A typical feature of Stage Tec is that new cassettes are always compatible with older generations. A clear vote for sustainability and investment protection.

Thanks to the generous design and clear division into three dedicated cassettes with clearly marked sections, every frequently used function is always quickly accessible and always available at the same place with a handle. The many, easy-to-read OLED displays and backlit keys support operation in the best possible way, as the current values can be read at any time.

The high component and manufacturing costs for such luxurious equipment definitely put the AURUS in the top class of digital mixing consoles. This effort is justified by the incomparable ease of use. And which is once again underlined by the outstanding audio quality!