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TMT: STAGETEC presented new features for AURUS platinum and AURUS

Berlin, November 2018: AURUS platinum, the flagship of the Berlin-based manufacturer STAGETEC, continues to offer new features in its fourth product generation. At the Tonmeistertagung, parallel compression (New York compression) was presented as a brand-new feature for the first time. Previously, two compression modes were already possible in AURUS platinum, but now parallel compression has been added as a further operating mode for the existing compressor. It is mainly used in recording and post-production. Parallel compression will be delivered with software release 4.7 and will then also be available in CRESCENDO platinum.

The new multichannel format 5.1.4 with the Z-plane, which had its world premiere at IBC, was also demonstrated in AURUS platinum in Cologne. 3D audio is becoming increasingly important in professional audio. In music and TV productions, in cinemas, at live events, and in theaters, 3D audio with three-dimensional sound experiences provides more emotion for consumers. AURUS has been offering true multichannel format capability for parallel mixes in 5.1 and stereo or mixes up to 7.1 for many years. As of software release 4.7, 3D audio with four height speakers can be mixed in AURUS platinum. STAGETEC is setting standards with this enhancement in AURUS platinum, as there are only a few consoles in the world that can mix 3D.

Another feature of the software update is temporary link groups, through which channels can be linked more quickly on the surface. This feature is available for both AURUS and AURUS platinum. The software release 4.7 will be delivered at the end of the year.


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