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The New Philharmonic Orchestra Berlin tours Latin-Jazz Sinfónica! with CRESCENDO

Berlin, March 2018: The Neue Philharmonie Berlin tours Germany with a sophisticated cross-over program featuring Latin, jazz and classical music, supported by Berlin-based manufacturer STAGETEC. An orchestra of 65 classical musicians, jazz musicians and Latin percussionists will play Latin-Jazz Sinfónica! The live mixes are handled by a CRESCENDO platinum. The large orchestra and rhythm section are picked up via 120 TrueMatch microphone inputs on a NEXUS network. "The unusual placement of the rhythm section with congas, marimbas and drumset in front of the classical orchestra is a challenge for the sound reinforcement, " comments sound designer Christian Fuchs. "In addition, the changing performance venues are also demanding in terms of acoustics and require a lot from the live mix. After all, the mix should be a sound experience for the audience." Application Specialist for Theater and Live, Christian Fuchs, has more than ten years of experience with open-air classical concerts. He will accompany the tour as sound engineer at CRESCENDO.

The CRESCENDO platinum has 32 faders and will be used as an FOH mixing console. Helping to create the premix for monitoring the rhythm section was a brand-new feature that is predestined for rehearsal situations in sound reinforcement and will be delivered with the next software release: the bypass function for each aux VCA individually. The VCA hierarchy has also been successfully tested.

The CRESCENDO is embedded in a NEXUS network of six Base Devices equipped with three powerful RMDQ DSP boards. Since NEXUS requires no fans and operates completely silently, the Base Devices can be easily distributed around the stage. One NEXUS is placed in front of the conductor, where percussion and drums are also placed. A second NEXUS operates at the monitor console, which is connected via Dante. Two NEXUS were placed at the CRESCENDO FOH console, and two Base Devices are distributed throughout the orchestra.

The New Philharmonic Orchestra is a non-profit limited liability company that pursues two goals. On the one hand, it enables excellent musicians from all over the world to gain orchestral experience and expand their repertoire. Second, the New Philharmonic aims to bring classical music to small and medium-sized German cities that cannot afford their own orchestra. Latin-Jazz Sinfónica! is the first cross-over concert of the New Philharmonic Orchestra. World music, jazz and classical music merge in a way not heard before in original compositions and arrangements of well-known melodies.


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