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STAGETEC training at Fachwerk

AURUS and NEXUS certified training

Berlin, November 2017: In cooperation with Fachwerk, STAGETEC offers certified trainings for the audio mixing console AURUS platinum and for the audio routing network NEXUS at the end of the year.

The AURUS training will take place from December 12-13 in Melbeck under the direction of Christian Fuchs (Application Specialist Theater/Live). The target group includes sound technicians, engineers and foremen from the fields of theater, television, broadcast and live. The content focuses on system basics of AURUS and the NEXUS router, configuration, menu structures, and automations.

The NEXUS training will take place on 07 December, also in Mehlbeck, under the direction of STAGETEC's Jens Kuhlmann. The target group includes audio technicians and engineers from the fields of theater, television, radio, and live as well as operators of NEXUS audio networks. The content focuses on the decentralized concept of the distributed router, the function of the basic elements base unit and router, the components of the graphical user interface, and configuration handling, among others.


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