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STAGETEC technology for digital studio operation at RTM Malaysia

Four AURATUS platinum for four radio stations

Sarawak, Malaysia, November 2017: Stagetec Asia, together with its partner the Berlin-based manufacturer STAGETEC, has executed a large order in Malaysia. Four AURATUS platinum and four NEXUS audio networks were installed in four regional radio stations in the state of Sarawak. The mixing consoles are equipped with 24 faders each, and the NEXUS audio networks consist of four base devices each. RTM, Malaysia's state-owned radio and TV station, is digitizing its regional studios throughout the country. The digital mixing consoles and the digital audio network from STAGETEC are important building blocks in this process. RTM's Miri, Limbang, Sri Aman and Sibu studios received the digital upgrade as part of the conversion to DAB standard.

The AURATUS consoles and NEXUS audio routing systems were installed in multi-function studios at the radio stations. Here, various music events are mixed live, which requires great flexibility with high sound quality. The consoles are connected via fiber optics to a NEXUS network that can handle a wide range of inputs and outputs.

"Although RTM Miri, Limbang, Sri Aman and Sibu are only regional radio stations, they now have state-of-the-art facilities comparable to RTM's studios at its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. This digital upgrade is a major step for Malaysia's public broadcaster in its journey to produce programs to the latest standards." Advon Tan, Managing Director of Stagetec Asia, highlights the importance of the installation.


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