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STAGETEC sound in the Sarjadje Park in Moscow

Moscow, Russia, March 2019: In the Sarjadje Park in Moscow, within sight of the Red Square and the Kremlin, an extensive installation with audio technology from the Berlin-based manufacturer STAGETEC was put into operation. This park is an unusual interplay of nature and architecture. Plants and trees from the different vegetation zones of Russia were planted in the 13 ha large area. Various buildings have been dug into this landscape, some of which can only be recognized by their green and accessible roofs. One of these buildings is the concert hall, which is embedded in an artificial hill. Two AURUS platinum and one AURATUS platinum were installed virtually underground in two concert halls and a recording studio.

The AURUS consoles are generously equipped: Equipped with 48 faders each, the NEXUS router provides them with seven and six RMDQ audio DSP units, respectively. This allows the consoles to unleash their full power and to cope with resource-intensive production formats. The smaller AURATUS has 24 faders. The three consoles are integrated into a large NEXUS network with two routers and 12 Base Devices. For recording concerts, NEXUS connects the two halls to the recording studio. The installation is complemented by the OMUX optical multiplexer. This enables the connection of portable or permanently installed external devices to the NEXUS network.

The two halls of the multifunctional concert hall are designed for 1600 and 400 visitors. In addition to classical music, jazz as well as pop and hit music can be heard here. The spectacular roof of the hall is an 8,700-square-meter glass structure that covers the entrance to the concert halls in the front and the audience tiers of an amphitheater for open-air events in the back.


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